Commit e559bbbc authored by Mitch Burnett's avatar Mitch Burnett
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Include blocking busywait methods for flag input databuf

We may not ever use these but were extended from the base hashpipe structure
when experimenting with improving the net thread processing logic.
parent 6c06b879
......@@ -17,6 +17,14 @@ int flag_input_databuf_wait_filled(flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id) {
return hashpipe_databuf_wait_filled((hashpipe_databuf_t *)d, block_id);
int flag_input_databuf_busywait_free(flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id) {
return hashpipe_databuf_busywait_free((hashpipe_databuf_t *)d, block_id);
int flag_input_databuf_busywait_filled(flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id) {
return hashpipe_databuf_busywait_filled((hashpipe_databuf_t *)d, block_id);
int flag_input_databuf_set_free(flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id) {
return hashpipe_databuf_set_free((hashpipe_databuf_t *)d, block_id);
......@@ -390,6 +390,8 @@ hashpipe_databuf_t * flag_input_databuf_create(int instance_id, int databuf_id);
int flag_input_databuf_wait_free (flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id);
int flag_input_databuf_wait_filled (flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id);
int flag_input_databuf_busywait_free (flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id);
int flag_input_databuf_busywait_filled (flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id);
int flag_input_databuf_set_free (flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id);
int flag_input_databuf_set_filled (flag_input_databuf_t * d, int block_id);
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