Commit f6a34f0c authored by Mitch Burnett's avatar Mitch Burnett
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Add comments explainging some of the new binfo variables

parent bac52409
......@@ -61,8 +61,8 @@ typedef struct {
int initialized; // Boolean to indicate that block has been initialized
int32_t self_xid; // Xengine ID for this block
uint64_t mcnt_start; // The starting mcnt for this block
uint64_t mcnt_log_late;
int out_of_seq_cnt;
uint64_t mcnt_log_late; // Counter for logging late mcnts
int out_of_seq_cnt; // Counter for number of times an out of seq pkt arrives
int cur_block_idx; // Current block idx to fill
int last_filled; // Last filed block idx (consider changing to blk_last_fill
int packet_count[N_INPUT_BLOCKS]; // Packet counter for each block
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