1. 08 Jun, 2019 3 commits
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      Attempt to resole mcnt processing logic · 888a0621
      Mitch Burnett authored
      Our stalls, hangs, lockups, whatever you want to call them are caused by the
      mcnt processing logic and how blocks are initialized and pushed thorugh the
      pipeline. This pipeline was based off the paper correlator and when FLAG had
      started development the paper net thread was used as a starting point.
      This reverts back to some of the old paper code ideas with some modifications
      (like the block info object being a variable passed around at main instead of
      inn the process packet function) and some of the re-initialization.
      In its current state the logic seems to work great for the beamformer but the
      correlator is now broken after two scans. This is most likely due to how blocks
      are being filled, set free but I am not sure if it is on the net thread side or
      the correlator side.
      This commit is marking this as WIP and then going to move onto a different paper
      repo that has a revised mcnt processing logic that we want to try. That revised
      logic is a newer version of the paper code and interesting enough in their git
      commit logs they mention that they are seeing hangs as well.
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      Include blocking busywait methods for flag input databuf · e559bbbc
      Mitch Burnett authored
      We may not ever use these but were extended from the base hashpipe structure
      when experimenting with improving the net thread processing logic.
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      Prevent corsave from hanging on quit · 6c06b879
      Mitch Burnett authored
      Also added checking for run_threads() in the wait free loop in corsave thread.
      This lets the thread detect if a signal was received and can exit. Might be a
      better way to do this but works for now.
      Decreasse indent and clean up code in correlator thread for readability
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