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      Initial commit of the dibas files and structure · 2cb0634d
      Mitch Burnett authored
      There is a lot here and everything can really benefit from being cleaned
      up. BeamformerBackend.py is the BYU generated spin-off of similar to
      VegasBackend.py. It was developed trying to follow the similar
      Backend.py paradigm as VEGAS and GUPPI however this was done with little
      to no direction by GBO and so the changes BYU has made may have made
      BeamformerBackend.py not compatible in DIBAS right off the bat without
      some changes which is why for now everything is version controlled. In
      gerneral though if DIBAS is still GBOs primary way to interface and
      opearte as a facility instrument then BeamformerBackend.py and relevant
      configuration scripts (e.g., dibas.conf and filter coefficients) may be
      the only thing that needs to be version controlled.
      Also, when BeamformerBackend was developed it built off a lot of how
      VEGAS was accomplished and so there are also dependinces on the Vegas
      scripts (many of which are not fully understood or worked out) and so
      removing those may result in some errors.