Smart Antenna and Radio Astronomy Systems

Welcome Research Assistants!

This page will get you started as new team member, as well as give lab-specific information to help you in your research work.

First Time Set-up

  1. Sign up for access to our Gitlab and Mattermost. Contact a Gitlab admin (Mitch Burnett @mcb or Carson Brown @carsonrb) on your team and give them:

    • Desired username
    • Email

    Gitlab is our git server website and system. Mattermost is our chat server, similar to Slack, and has a downloadable app.

  2. If you don't have one already, get a CAEDM account - https://caedm.et.byu.edu/wiki/index.php/How_to_get_started_using_CAEDM

  3. Get access to the 'warnickshare' CAEDM group. It shows up on your J: drive and has many resources used across projects (e.g. Altium libraries) Contact Mitch Burnett or Carson Brown for help with this.

  4. Get access to the code projects you need. Contact the project lead (or a gitlab admin).

  5. Get access to the Grad Lab - CB 480 and the lab on the 5th floor of the Clyde building - CB 505. Get the MERS codes from the shop - CB 416. A note from a professor or walk-in with a senior grad student is required.

  6. Request a desk space in the Grad Lab if you want one. Talk to the secretaries in the Electrical Engineering Office - room 460 in the Engineering Building and ask for help with this.

  7. To request a computer, submit a ticket with this link: https://eceticket.byu.edu/open.php Select “Computer Support / New Computer Request” for your topic and finish completing that form. We suggest using Windows for the operating system. You can also request that they install Altium if you will be needing it.

  8. If you will be using Altium, request your own Altium account. Submit another ticket here: https://eceticket.byu.edu/open.php Select Computer Support/Other and tell them the name of the group and the professor you work with. Hardware information is NA for this request. Be sure to ask for access to the BYU Altium Workspace in addition to the account.

    • Once you log in to Altium, navigate to your licenses by clicking the little person image in the top right of the screen. Click on Licenses and click Use License for any of the Altium Designer licenses. Be sure to release the license at the end of the day when you’re done using it.
  9. If you want to remote desktop into your work PC or one of the group’s computers, use some kind of remote desktop service like Microsoft Remote Desktop which you may need to download on your personal computer.

    More Information on Remote Desktop Here
    • On the PC you want to remote desktop into, you will need to enable remote access on the PC in the settings if you’re using Windows.
    • Under Remote Desktop Users, make sure that your BYU ID is listed as an account that is able to remotely access the PC.
    • On the laptop or PC you are using to set up a remote desktop, enter the PC name which you can find in the settings of the PC you are trying to access.
    • Create a ticket to help enable remote desktop. They will come assign it an IP address that won’t keep changing.
  10. If you are off campus, you will likely need a VPN to remote desktop into the PC.

  11. Connecting to the printer in the Grad Lab:

    Steps to connect
    1. Search for printers in your settings
    2. Click “Add manually”
    3. Walk over to the printer and look for the IP address. The one in CB 480 is currently
    4. Click Next
    5. Select TCP/IP Device
    6. Finish setting it up

Smart Antenna Systems (SAS)


Old projects

Radio Astronomy Systems (RAS)


Old projects

  • FLAG


Other General Information

  • PCB Knowledge
  • Git: Gitlab and Github are just websites for controlling the git version control system.
    • gitlab.ras.byu.edu is self-hosted and what we run for our lab.
    • Git cheat sheet
  • Remote work