Smart Antenna and Radio Astronomy Systems

Welcome Research Assistants!

This page will get you started as new team member, as well as give lab-specific information to help you in your research work.

First Time Set-up

  1. Sign up for access to our Gitlab and Mattermost. Contact a Gitlab admin (Mitch Burnett @mcb or Carson Brown @carsonrb) on your team and give them:

    • Desired username
    • Email

    Gitlab is our git server website and system. Mattermost is our chat server, similar to Slack, and has a downloadable app.

  2. Get access to the code projects you need. Contact the project lead (or a gitlab admin).

  3. Get access to the 'warnickshare' CAEDM group. It shows up on your J: drive and has many resources used across projects (e.g. Altium libraries)

  4. Get access to the lab on the 5th floor of the Clyde building. Get the MERS code from the shop. A note from a professor or walk-in with a senior grad student is required.

Smart Antenna Systems (SAS)


Old projects

Radio Astronomy Systems (RAS)


Old projects

  • FLAG

Help and Tutorials

RF Engineering

Board Design and Layout

  • Browse the warnickshare/ CAEDM group network drive for miscellaneous resources. Relevant example directories are:
    • Training/: various primers and helps on tools and software like Altium, Empire, GitHub, etc.
    • AltiumLibraryAndRules/: Contains component libraries and schematics
    • Docs/: Books, Previous student Thesis and Dissertations
  • Altium Designer

EM Modeling and Simulation

Signal Processing

Lastly: Tribal Knowledge


Other General Information

  • Git

    • A note on naming: Gitlab and Github are just websites for controlling the git version control system. Gitlab is self-hosted and what we run for our teams.
    • Git cheat sheet
  • Remote work