ALPACA-Advanced L-band Phased Array Camera for Astronomy

The Advanced L-band Phased Array Camera for Astronomy (ALPACA)

Table of Contents:

1. ALPACA Introduction and Instrument Description

  1.1. Proposal and Award History

  1.2. Introduction to PAF Instruments and Digital Beamformers

  1.3. High-level ALPACA System Description

2. ALPACA Science Capabilities

  2.1. Background

  2.2. ALPACA on the GBT Science Abstracts

  2.3. GBO Design Review Science Case

3. Front End Design

4. Signal Transport

  4.1. RF-over-Fiber Link Overview

  4.2. Transmitter Design

  4.3. Receiver Design

5. Digital Back End Design

  5.1. Back End Capabilities and Specifications

  5.2. F-Engine RFSoC Hardware and Capabilities

  5.3. XB-Engine Hardware and Capabilities

6. Firmware and Software Design

  6.1. Beamformer F-engine Firmware

  6.2. Beamformer XB-engine Software

7. Additional Reference Documents and ALPACA Publications